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<johnny101> teto: hi. I submitted a PR to improve the update-all script experience and improve the docs until something better is in place (ie: the vim idea mentioned by aminechikhaoui). Auth token is no longer required.
<teto> johnny101: thanks
<teto> I hope we can move issues to their respective repo too
<johnny101> teto: I think that's the plan, but not sure who will be doing that.
<johnny101> teto: per your previous comment, when building nixops and specifying local plugins, you're right, nixops core pulls in the plugins by placing them into the store to interact with them.
<johnny101> teto: so local "develop" of plugins isn't the same as just dropping into a shell at a specified phase like it's an isolated package. Can try and look for a better way of doing it going forward
<johnny101> teto: but right now, "develop" on the plugins is an iterative process of update the plugin, rebuild core with the plugin and test.
<teto> johnny101: thanks. That's what I have been doing
<johnny101> teto: welcome. I'll continue trying to PR improvements as I can find time.
<teto> I'll do on my side as well, I have been trying to replace a few with logged_exec. I have some strange behavior and it does help to see what's going on
<johnny101> teto: awesome!
<teto> weird, i have to wait a long time (15 > mn) before the first deploy can succeed in my vms. seems like sshd has some trouble starting, has anyome met this ?
<teto> looking at the logs took 30mn for sshd to be operational xD
<johnny101> teto: I haven't seen that exactly, but on packet machines we're testing with, on 19.09 to master, there is a nic bonding issue resulting in up to a 30 minute delay in networking coming up.
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