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<disasm> so typically with nixops I use `-I nixpkgs=`. Is there a way to get that from a nix derivation that returns a pinned nixpkgs?
<samueldr> fetchTarball?
<samueldr> you could also give it an attrset with .url .sha256 if you want to validate the download
<samueldr> disasm, or am I missing something?
<disasm> samueldr: I'm running `nixops modify -I nixpkgs= infrastructure.nix` so it doesn't use my host nixpkgs.
<samueldr> I must have misunderstood the question then :)
<disasm> samueldr: so essentially, what I want it to do is for nixops use a nixpkgs pin that comes from nixpkgs.nix that does exactly what you're suggesting, but since it's a command-line argument that sets the nixpkgs path, I'm not sure how to go about that. It being impossible with the current nixops is a perfectly valid answer :)
<samueldr> I don't know nixops, I approached it as a general nix problem :)
<aminechikhaoui> johnny101 I pushed v1.0.0 as initial tag for both nixops-aws/nixops-hetzner, I think it makes sense as both are used in production systems currently (I mean the backends)
<aminechikhaoui> let me know if that makes sense to you johnny101 and disasm
<aminechikhaoui> johnny101 I think you can rebase your branch now and update the tags + repos
<disasm> I agree 1.0.0 works
<aminechikhaoui> disasm johnny101 from nixpkgs side, I'm thinking we can do something a bit like vim ?
<aminechikhaoui> provide a nixops_configurable package that people can customize with extra plugins easily
<aminechikhaoui> other than the core package which will contain core backends by default
<johnny101> aminechikhaoui: that versioning works for me. Update to plugin repos pushed along with a conflict fix. Should be good to go. FYI, I'm out of office until next week, so will have limited availability if anything comes up.
<johnny101> aminechikhaoui: that idea about customization for nixpkgs sounds interesting. Adjusting all-plugins.txt and running the update script is clunky.
<aminechikhaoui> thanks johnny101
<aminechikhaoui> johnny101 yeah, I was more thinking about how people should declare their nixops from configuration.nix
<aminechikhaoui> ideally they don't have to write weird expressions and it should be as easy as configuring vim with plugins
<johnny101> aminechikhaoui: yeah, agree, that sounds good!
<aminechikhaoui> alright merged the PR :) disasm where you the one planning to announce it and ask in discourse for people to move issues/PRs to the other repositories ?
<aminechikhaoui> though I'll probably need to make sure to move some of the repos from my user to nix-community org
<johnny101> woot on the merge!
<craige> taslug