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<ris> today's surprise: builtins fetchTarball uses the `tar` and `gzip` on your current PATH
<infinisil> Yeah.. and fetchGit uses the git on path
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<__monty__> My understanding is the builtins fetchers are weird because bootstrapping and they also have the disadvantage they always need to fetch or something or is that the ones in lib? I seem to remember something funky.
<sterni> they do cache the result if you specify an output / commit hash
<sterni> I don't think lib has any fetchers?
<V> no, there's just builtins + pkgs/build-support, the latter which is obviously only available after bootstrapping
<__monty__> Oh, I thought it was lib.fetchFromGitHub?
<infinisil> Nix could bundle all its dependencies with the installation
<infinisil> `wrapProgram $out/bin/nix --suffix PATH : ${makeBinPath [ git gnutar ... ]}`
<V> __monty__: nope. pkgs.fetchFromGitHub