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<sterni> > builtins.tryEval (builtins.functionArgs builtins.toString)
<{^_^}> 'functionArgs' requires a function, at (string):471:19
<sterni> infinisil: ^ :|
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<sterni> seems also like it is not possible to distinguish between builtins and lambdas from within nix when you don't know its attribute name
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<infinisil> sterni: Hmm yeah
<infinisil> Reverting sounds good then
<infinisil> At least it's fixed in Nix proper, so it will work eventually on its own
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<{^_^}> #111577 (by sternenseemann, 34 seconds ago, open): Revert "lib/generators: fix toPretty throwing on (partially applied) builtins"
<sterni> sorry for wasting your time with this.
<infinisil> No worries :)
<sterni> actually noticed that the fix on nix proper is somewhat incorrect
<sterni> builtins.functionArgs builtins.fetchGit == { }
<sterni> apparently it doesn't account for builtins that take formal arguments
<sterni> okay, not incosistent behavior, I'll give you that :)
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