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<manveru> i wonder why scopedImport is not documented
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<infinisil> manveru: Well it's an ugly function nobody should probably use :P
<infinisil> I bet there's some docs in the commit it was introduced though
<manveru> well, there's a test, which is good enough for me
<manveru> but now finally the existence of unqualified builtins makes more sense...
<manveru> really cool if you ask me :D
<infinisil> Feels a bit too global-scopey to me to really like
<infinisil> it
<manveru> there's a lot of global stuff in nix already... so yeah
<infinisil> There is?
<infinisil> Eh those are builtins, these have to be global
<manveru> they could all be under builtins
<infinisil> But even then they'd still be global
<infinisil> (just hidden in builtins)
<manveru> sure, but that's what i mean with unqualified
<manveru> and why must `fromTOML` be top-level, but `foldl'` isn't?
<manveru> i don't really understand the reasoning
<manveru> and it keeps tripping me up :|
<manveru> and then all those underscores
<manveru> actually, there is `__foldl'`
<infinisil> I wouldn't mind the next nix version get rid of all those global __ things
<manveru> hmm
<manveru> you ever tried to import a nix file that only consisted of an indented string?
<manveru> really weird error
<manveru> `error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting IND_STR or DOLLAR_CURLY or IND_STRING_CLOSE`
<infinisil> manveru:Huh, I don't think that should happen with any normal indented string
<manveru> oh damn
<manveru> i was being stupid and mixed syntax :P
<manveru> using ''' instead of ''
* infinisil had such a suspicion
<manveru> :D
* manveru hides
<manveru> there we go, templating without crazy hacks :)
<manveru> can replace the + + with ${}, but anything works, really
<manveru> just that it will constantly rebuild, i guess :(