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<__monty__> How do I reload things in the nix repl? Imports aren't redone when the file changes on disk.
<__monty__> Currently I have to exit the shell then recall all the relevant parts from history.
<pie_> __monty__: i dont know of a way but that doesnt mean there isnt one
<pie_> __monty__: tell me if you find something because its really annoying for me too and i havent thought to look into it more than what little i did at some point
<__monty__> pie_: Managed to transform most of the relevant history to an invocation of nix repl. Not a great solution for actually complex sessions though.
<pie_> i know
<pie_> i was reading some anecdores from
<pie_> seemed like a very lucid smart fellow
<pie_> he was on about how they first made some experiments "interactive" at a cyclotron back in the day but hooking up a computer to it and how that feedback loop made experiments at least twice as effective
<pie_> because you could abort badly set up experiments early, etc
<pie_> and that had me wishing again that we could improve the interactions with nix more
<pie_> plenty of ways to go it just needs to be done...
<pie_> and fixing repl bugs and junk :P
<pie_> i mean this is obvious stuff you just get used to everything being broken after a while.... :(
<pie_> *anecdoted
<pie_> *anectodes
<pie_> ...
<pie_> a n e c d o t e s
<__monty__> "Lubricate the anectodes!"
<pie_> xD
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