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<demize> Not sure where the best place to ask this is, so.. I installed Nix in an existing distro install (Arch), and am trying to follow the Nix Pills. I'm having a problem at the graphviz ones though, because it keeps linking against my system libexpat, even when I pass in expat to be linked against. Is there any simple way to prevent it from linking in the system one?
<manveru> demize: did you enable sandboxing?
<manveru> not really the right channel, but whatever :)
<manveru> it's too quiet here anyway
<manveru> demize: in your /etc/nix/nix.conf put a line with `sandbox = true`
<demize> With that I'm getting an error due to the clone call not being permitted, hm. (Additionally, seems is outdated.)
<demize> What *would* be the right channel for this btw?
<manveru> demize: probably #nixos
<manveru> it has the most people, and isn't actually only for nixos
<manveru> demize: so i assume you're using the single-user installation?
<demize> Many distro channels don't like it when people ask about things relating to other distros in them, so I avoided it due to that, but I'll go there in the future then, thanks.
<demize> And it was a single-user installation, but I just followed <> and got it working.
<manveru> demize: awesome :D
<demize> Thanks for the hints. :)
<manveru> and no, we welcome anyone from any distro, as long as the word of Nix spreads ;)
<manveru> there's just no channel dedicated to the nix package manager itself, this one is for the nix language
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