infinisil changed the topic of #nix-lang to: Channel for discussing Nix as a language - - Logs:
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<infinisil> Oh, gchristensen still hasn't added {^_^} here..
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<infinisil> Welcome!
<infinisil> Btw this is what I meant with the nix language changes:
<__monty__> Is {`-`}, similar to {^_^}?
* joepie91 checks if that's the same gist he's commented on
<joepie91> yep
<infinisil> __monty__: nah, {`-`} is samueldr's log bot (see topic), gchristensen hasn't added {^_^} to this channel unfortunately
<infinisil> I'll mention it to him again
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* gchristensen spies
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<gchristensen> ,help
<{^_^}> Use `,` to list all commands, `,foo = Foo!` to define foo as "Foo!", `,foo =` to undefine it, `,foo` to output "Foo!", `,foo somebody` to send "Foo!" to the nick somebody
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<infinisil> \o/
<infinisil> > 1 + 1
<{^_^}> 2
<infinisil> > :v
<{^_^}> All bindings: _add _assign _attrName _attrs _blue _bold _bool _bracket _concat _int _null _num _number _red _semi _set _show _string a add array2list assign attrName attrs b bar bold boldcolors boldpalette bool bracket buildList c codes colors compose composeAlt concat cyan descriptions doublestring drop end esc eval eval2 f f2 f3 foo fortune fortunes fortunes1 fortunes10 fortunes2 fortunes3 fortunes4 fortunes5 fortunes6 fortunes7 fortunes8 fortunes9
<infinisil> > fortune
<{^_^}> "Do molecular biologists wear designer genes?"
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