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<aterius> Doesn't really matter since I'm not using this anymore, nix show-derivation does what I need
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<siraben> Anyone know how to resolve netinet/ether.h not found on darwin?
<{^_^}> #107870 (by siraben, 42 minutes ago, open): driftnet: 1.1.5 -> 1.3.0
<LnL> that one comes from glibc, I think it's a different header, perhaps <netinet/if_ether.h> or <net/ethernet.h>
<aterius> What's weird is where it's declared
<aterius> Shouldn't that only be used on cygwin?
<aterius> * nvm
<aterius> it's late
<aterius> I tried changing it to if_ether and still get a ton of compilation errors
<aterius> I think I fixed it
<aterius> I just commented a patch on the issue
<aterius> siraben: ^
<aterius> whoops missed something, I changed ether to if_ether
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<siraben> mjlbach: ok will apply the patch and see
<aterius> I'm fixing it right now
<siraben> thanks for your help
<aterius> Ok, fixed patch
<aterius> FYI I have no idea if this actually works, I just know that it builds now lmao
<aterius> the binary just returns `Tue Dec 29 02:56:47 2020 - error: pcap_activate: No such device exists`
<siraben> Well, that's still better than not being able to build in the first place, could open an issue upstream
<siraben> Yay it builds, thanks!
<siraben> I have, `Tue Dec 29 17:58:10 2020 - error: pcap_activate: You don't have permission to capture on that device
<siraben> `
<aterius> Yeah try restricting it to one of the devices in ifconfig
<siraben> Oh I think it the build may not be reproducible
<aterius> Then I get an error about no valid display
<siraben> seems to embed the build date and time
<siraben> Oh it's runtime
<siraben> Ok
<aterius> I was confused for a second hah, yeah that's just when I ran it
<aterius> Installing xquartz now (if it still runs)
<aterius> What I'm still confused by is why they closed macos support two years by adding preprocessor macros for FreeBSD
<aterius> did that used to work?
<siraben> No idea
<siraben> I ran `sudo ./result/bin/driftnet -i en0` and an x window opened
<siraben> not sure what i'm supposed to be looking at, just black screen
<siraben> Oh
* siraben uploaded an image: Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 18.03.15.png (30KiB) < Shot 2020-12-29 at 18.03.15.png >
<siraben> try going to
<aterius> I don't know how advanced the gui is supposed to be, from what I can tell this sniffs images from your stream?
<aterius> local network connection*
<siraben> yeah I think so, I just saw it was out of date but never used it
<siraben> does anyone know any http sites heh
<__monty__> is just HTTP iirc.
<siraben> the largest the screen the better
<aterius> should send some strongly worded emails about getting with the times to these sites after their utility is up
* siraben uploaded an image: Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 18.06.19.png (798KiB) < Shot 2020-12-29 at 18.06.19.png >
<siraben> nice, this is fascinating/creepy
<siraben> alright, I'll note that it works then
<aterius> Wow, shame (?) it's kinda useless now with everything being https though
<aterius> I'm going to make an upstream PR
<aterius> project seems dead though, so we can probably just carry the patch in tree
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<LnL> aterius: adding an defined(__APPLE__) to that condition is probably cleaner
<aterius> Yes, I agree
<siraben> Does anyone know how to only keep specific source folders in a nix derivation?
<gchristensen> I use this:
<siraben> gchristensen: wow, thank you so much!
<siraben> I was banging my head figuring out why gitignoreSourcePure wasn't working for me
<gchristensen> it is manveru's but they deleted their repo and now I can never find it
<gchristensen> deleted and then recreated it somewhere else, and now I can never find it*
<siraben> How would I use it in my derivation without copying/pasting?
<gchristensen> I usually use niv to fetch it
<siraben> using niv i get error: opening file '/nix/store/jawxaip2x9x6vbw9fsgqjizwq238ccn2-nix-inclusive-src/default.nix': No such file or directory
<siraben> I'm not familiar with how to use flakes
<siraben> Ah, has a section on how to use it with niv
<manveru> siraben: yeah, that's ours :)
<siraben> manveru: :)
<manveru> though i found that with flakes i almost never use it anymore anyway...
<siraben> upstream it to nixpkgs!
<siraben> How does flakes make it redundant?
<manveru> you can only see files that are in git within flakes
<manveru> though inclusive can help when you have multiple derivations and you want to reduce rebuilds to a minimum still
<gchristensen> like a monorepo
<siraben> I have a project that has an overlay inside it, but I'm wondering if I should move the derivations into their respective projects instead of being here,
<siraben> What's good practice? Because if I move them to their own respective repos and track nixpkgs with niv, then it seems like it would get messy
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<abathur> domenkozar[m]: ping re: nix#4047 and nix#4289? :)
<{^_^}> (by domenkozar, 14 weeks ago, open): Create a working installer script for each commit/PR
<{^_^}> (by abathur, 4 weeks ago, open): darwin: encrypt nix volume if filevault is enabled
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<gchristensen> WOW
<gchristensen> "Apple's case was an insanely broad assertion that emulating iOS firmware on something that's not Apple's own hardware violates iOS copyright, rather than covered by "fair use"."
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<fiddlerwoaroof> ?
<fiddlerwoaroof> Any updates on darwin/arm64 + nix?
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<fiddlerwoaroof> I've been using this branch to build whatever works:
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