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<siers> How do services work on osx?
<siers> launchd is the answer
<siers> and launch agents
<LnL> not sure what you're asking
<siers> I just found out everything from the source. Launchd starts things up with launch agents, which are an XML file, which are made with toPLIST/toEnvironmentFile from the launchd.user.agents (or launchd.agents). Then copied over to ~/Library/LaunchAgents with activation scripts.
<siers> Are there no launchDaemons in nix-darwin source?
<LnL> there are system launch daemon/agents but only user launch agents
<LnL> a daemon starts after boot while, agents only start once a user logs in
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<siers> okay
<siers> but it looks like no daemons have been implemented in nix-darwin, right?
<LnL> it's there
<LnL> launchd.daemons, launchd.agents and launchd.user.agents
<siers> yes, the interface is implemented, but not used – no daemons available in nix-darwin, right?
<siers> this is actually not so important, I'm just chatting :)
<siers> ah, I was searching incorrectly :)
<siers> I was just curious about the implementation, since I've spent very little time on osx
<LnL> the module on the nix side is similar to nixos, but the featureset of systemd/launchd are a bit different so some things are not compatible
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<johnw> I wish we had containers...
<LnL> ewww
<LnL> what usecase specifically?
<johnw> i want to run smokeping as a service in a container, as I did on my old NixOS server
<LnL> hmm, like a darwin container?
<johnw> yep
<LnL> I think containers often get misused as software distribution, but sometimes it makes sense
<LnL> but at this case I would get crazy excited about just bind mounts
<johnw> for now I use Docker on Mac to run containerized apps
<johnw> like smokeping
<LnL> so why does it need a container?
<johnw> to be containerized
<johnw> separate from the rest of the system
<johnw> it helps me sleep at night
<LnL> like networking?
<johnw> yeah
<johnw> it's just a BSD jail
<johnw> networking, chroot, etc.
<LnL> gchristensen's appimage idea also works for launchd + sandbox-exec
<LnL> Ericson2314: around?
<Ericson2314> LnL: a only bit; there's some work stuff I need to crank on
<LnL> do you know anything about the sandbox profile stuff in stdenv?
<LnL> or did you only move it around
<Ericson2314> LnL: only moved it around, sorry. I don't know anything about it
<Ericson2314> Keep on `git blam`ing :)
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