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<johnw> LnL: very oddly (and after a reboot) when I attempt to build on my darwin box, I immediately get the error "all build users are currently in use; consider creating additional users and adding them to the 'nixbld' group"
<johnw> that group has 32 nixbld* users in it, and my maxJobs is ... hmm
<johnw> n/m, maxJobs is too high :)
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<LnL> thefloweringash: unless I misunderstand it's also an issue on nixos so I would fix it there first
<LnL> thefloweringash: more people there that use fish and understand what's going on
<thefloweringash> I think that the only real difference is the path_helper, which doesn't apply to nixos
<LnL> but you can trigger the problem with subshells right?
<thefloweringash> Even if we make the standard nixos style thing work with the top-level login shell, fish will run the path_helper again. I've sent a PR upstream to fix that, and it looks like it will be merged:
<{^_^}> fish-shell/fish-shell#5637 (by thefloweringash, 14 hours ago, open): Only invoke path_helper in login shells
<siers> Shouldn't've ~/.nixpkgs/darwin-configuration.nix been ~/.config/nixpkgs/...?
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<siers> hm, the switching is trying to use packages it shouldn't use and I can't for the love of me find why and where
<siers> because I hadn't properly stowed the darwin-configuration.nix and I was editing the wrong file
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<siers> LnL, Btw, jouw github profielbeeld is ontzaglijk! (I'm not dutch, please don't judge.)
<LnL> heh, where did you find that word?
<siers> it looked like the most plausible translation for awesome other than geweldig, which I knew of already :D
<siers> but it had other un- awesome-like connotations, so I'm probably way off :P
<siers> Should I get the docker daemon from brew and docker_compose through nix?
<LnL> we only have the client in nixpkgs
<LnL> I'm not sure about homebrew, but the official package provides a vm to run the daemon side
<LnL> I personally use a remote connection to my desktop
<siers> heh
<qyliss> Building Docker through Nix on Darwin isn't possible until we have a more recent version of the SDK
<qyliss> I looked into it a little while ago
<qyliss> You need Xhyve
<LnL> we have xhyve no?
<LnL> yeah, only works if your machine supports Hypervisor.framework but it's in nixpkgs
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<qyliss^work> Huh, okay
<qyliss^work> Something about that didn't work for me
<qyliss^work> My machine definitely supports Hypervisor.framework
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<LnL> maybe it broke? I have not used in in a while
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<siers> I'm trying to build a ruby gem, which complains about a lack of stdio.h. I have xcode, its command line tools, some header package that the internet tried to recommend. It still doesn't build.
<qyliss^work> ,locate stdio.h
<{^_^}> Found in packages: sdcc, dev86, klibc, z88dk, framac, libbsd, libcxx, marisa, splint, uclibc, arduino,,, cdrtools,, wineFull, boomerang,, androidndk, emscripten, wineStaging, arduino_core, wineUnstable, gcc-unwrapped,,,, winePackages.stable, winePackages.minimal, winePackages.staging, wineWowPackages.full, wineWowPackages.stable, and 12 more
<qyliss^work> It's very strange you don't have that, though. What gem?
<siers> nokogiri
<qyliss^work> Are you bulding it through nix?
<siers> no, just through bundle
<siers> but when I built the same package through bundle on linux, just adding the libraries with nix-shell was enough
<qyliss^work> You may want to use Bundix. nixpkgs has dozens of build instructions for gems that you won't benefit from.
<qyliss^work> But if you really don't want to for some reason, you can look at what nixpkgs does:
<siers> you can't get all rubies, though, right?
<qyliss^work> You can get the ones that are packaged
<qyliss^work> And it's not too difficult to add a custom one if you really need a specific version
<siers> i'ļl keep that in mind
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<johnw> latest git-annex is broken on darwin, but other than that everything else is good today for unstable (after lots of building)
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<johnw> so strange, today on my laptop I'm getting: error: the user 'nixbld11' in the group 'nixbld' does not exist
<johnw> and yet that user exists, and is a member of that group:
<LnL> huh
<LnL> you can have non existing uses in as group members which could cause that, but that's not the case here
<johnw> i've never seen this before either
<johnw> rebooting didn't help
<johnw> hmm
<johnw> the user record doesn't look the same as when I examine that same user on my other machines, though
<johnw> ok, I reran the necessary part of, that seems to have worked
<LnL> very strange
<johnw> maybe I just had maxJobs low enough before that I never noticed
<LnL> I just thought of something
<LnL> what if we add /lib and /System/Library/Frameworks to the default sandbox paths in relaxed mode?
<LnL> that would make it usable unlike now
<LnL> oh, --option sandbox true --option sandbox-paths '/usr/lib /System/Library/Frameworks' works
<LnL> ^ gchristensen
<gchristensen> oooooooooooooooohhhh!
<LnL> I think that might be good enough for ofborg/hydra :D
<gchristensen> yaaaas!
<gchristensen> finally!
<gchristensen> <3 <3 <3 best news all day!
<LnL> nothing changed tho :p
<johnw> so I can set these in my darwin.nix and all will be safer with the world?
<LnL> it's been like this for a year, I just ever realised it would work fine if we whitelist more than necessary
<johnw> would this be nix.sandboxPaths?
<johnw> indeed it would be
<LnL> not sure if there's an option for it, but otherwise you can use nix.extraOptions
<johnw> courtesy of nix-darwin
<LnL> heh, guess I added it
<gchristensen> :D
<johnw> trying now
<LnL> yeah same, I'll try it out for a bit to see how it goes
<LnL> might need a few more for certain builds
<LnL> euh, why am I rebuilding openssl?
<LnL> guess it's a good test but I think something was supposed to go to staging
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<johnw> i'm rebuilding a ton of stuff too after turning this on
<LnL> this doesn't change hashes, it's master
<johnw> something changed
<johnw> i was fully built before turning on sandboxes
<johnw> now i'm rebuilding thousands of things
<LnL> sure?
<johnw> pretty darn sure, unless Unstable updated within minutes of you suggesting this
<LnL> 3h
<johnw> possible then
<LnL> how often does that update nowadays?
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<LnL> FYI I added a we more entries: [ "/System/Library/Frameworks" "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks" "/usr/lib" "/dev" "/bin/sh" "/usr/bin/env" ]
<gchristensen> /dev feels spooky
<gchristensen> how often do you need it?
<LnL> don't remember, but it's for stuff like /dev/stdout
<LnL> swift-corefoundation is completely busted tho :/
<johnw> LnL: so, with that sandboxing on, I get a SIGABRT building the "etc" derivation
<johnw> turning it off, things are good again
<johnw> builder for '/nix/store/qjdplb2pax7q5bb6cppmnq6kgfgmdmdk-etc.drv' failed due to signal 6 (Abort trap: 6); last 1 log lines:
<johnw> Assertion failed: (diff <= INSTR_JUMP_NE_MAX_LENGTH), function push_jne_instr, file /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/, line 186.
<LnL> hrm
<johnw> it was a bright and dazzling dream, for a time
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<LnL> we'll probably need to fix a few things unless you open it up entirely
<LnL> and a bunch of stuff is probably missing __darwinAllowLocalNetworking
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<LnL> hopefully not too much other stuff shows up in the base packages now that I got past CF
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