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<thomasjm> is there some way to pass module options when using ghcWithPackages? i'm wondering if i can pass "--allow-newer" to cabal for a certain dependency
<thomasjm> the reason is that the following expression doesn't build due to a bounds conflict in stm: haskell.snapshots."lts-17.10".ghcWithPackages (ps: with ps; [ stm ])
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<thongpv87> Hi, I'm trying to setup haskell dev environment with haskell.nix (with flakes features). I'm able to run `nix develop .` to enter the dev shell. But `cabal build` does not success. Here is the error: . How could I fix that?
<jackdk> thongpv87: the problem here has nothing to do with haskell.nix. You are using a newer version of GHC than the one cake-slayer was developed for, and so the upper bound on `base` does not match the installed one. Look up the cabal.project reference in teh Cabal user guide: you should be able to set an allow-newer line to let cake-slayer ignore the upper bound on base.
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