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<typetetris> Hi! Does cleanGit update submodules?
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<angerman> typetetris: udate submodules?
<angerman> I'm pretty sure we won't run any git submodule updates
<typetetris> Thanks! We have a submodule tree there *sigh* for whatever reason. I will find a solution.
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<exarkun> I'm using and running tests with `nix-build -A ...Foo-tests` but this re-builds the whole project for every change/test run. is there a way to have any module caching with this workflow?
<__monty__> exarkun: I think it's because you include the test files in your src. Maybe you could try not including them and then overriding the src for tests as in the cleanGit section, ?
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<mightybyte> Anyone ever see an error like this? stack-to-nix: /nix/store/.../foo.nix: openFile: permission denied (Permission denied)
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<__monty__> mightybyte: Are you using flakes or pure eval?
<mightybyte> Pretty sure it's pure eval.
<__monty__> So the question is how you're getting that store path and why it's not allowed. Is foo not a buildInput in this case?
<mightybyte> The weird thing is that the build works fine for the current version of the project. I'm only getting this error after running stack-to-nix to update for some new deps.
<__monty__> Any reason you're running that manually rather than using stackProject?
<mightybyte> The project existed long before me so I don't know the history.
<mightybyte> I think part of the motivation was so builds could be done offline.
<__monty__> Does the store path exist?
<mightybyte> Yeah
<mightybyte> I tried removing it but that didn't seem to do anything
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