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<dresvyannikovm> Hi. Could you help please? error: The Nixpkgs package set does not contain the package: odbc32 (system dependency).
<dresvyannikovm> You may need to augment the system package mapping in haskell.nix so that it can be found.
<dresvyannikovm> Trying cross compile minggW64 cabal project with HDBC-odbc package
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<ebn> Hi! I'm getting ambigous module name "Data.Text" (same versions) from ghc and therefore flycheck with haskell-ghc but it builds just fine with nix. I'm using direnv and in the nix-shell ghc points to /nix/store/some_hash-ghc-shell-for-myApp-ghc-8.8.4-env/bin/ghc