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<ianmelendez> I'm totally new to IRC so don't know the proper ettiquette, but I had a question about Haskell projects that use 'Happy' and 'Alex'. I can't for the life of me figure out how to properly include such dependencies in a stack project with haskell.nix. Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.
<ianmelendez> I settled for adding haskellPackages.{alex,happy} to my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix. Is this the accepted solution for binary dependencies?
<ianmelendez> Nevermind that, still can't build "Setup: The program 'alex' is required but it could not be found"
<angerman> ianmelendez: just "ask" :D so...
<angerman> ianmelendez: if you want to develop stuff, you'd usually want to pull in alex, and happy into a nix-shell, such that you have the proper development environement provisioned for your project.
<ianmelendez> I tried that too, same error unfortunately
<angerman> if you want to work on ghc, I highly recommend, which doesn't use haskell.nix, but does provision the proper environment to hack on GHC.
<ianmelendez> Ooh that's an interesting starting point. It's for a personal project but hopefully they have something revealing.
<jackdk> ianmelendez: your IRC etiquette is good - you asked a good question without spamming messages and included both your problem and what you've tried so far. I don't know enough to help here though, sorry =|
<ianmelendez> No worries, it's definitely reassuring that I'm not overstaying my welcome!
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