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<dhess> michaelpj: is there a script in haskell.nix that automagically updates the materialization bits?
<michaelpj> dhess: which materialization bits?
<dhess> as in, most/all of them?
<dhess> michaelpj: all of the things in the materialized/ subdir
<dhess> michaelpj: ahh ok, so that also works for already-supported GHCs that just happen to have new materializations because of, say, a bumped nixpkgs pin?
<michaelpj> yup
<dhess> angerman: GHC 8.6.5 also fails to build on nixpkgs master, though due to a different issue than 8.10.2. Here's the build log:
<dhess> michaelpj: cool, thanks!
<dhess> I wonder if ci.nix needs to be tweaked for nixpkgs master...
<dhess> there is some special-casing in there for different nixpkgs branches
<michaelpj> I mean, that's not the compiler that failed, that's something part way through the build for a test
<dhess> michaelpj: I suppose so, but to me, all that matters is I can't build the ghc865 target using ci.nix and an updated nixpkgs pin :)
<michaelpj> sure, but "the compiler build doesn't work" would be a lot worse than "some of the tests don't work". especially since this looks like it's the static build stuff, which is always finicky
<michaelpj> whereas it looks like the 8.10 one failed on the compiler itself
<dhess> in fact, the ghc8102 target failed while building ghc 8.6.5, which is weird.
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<angerman> I might get around setting up some CI in the next few weeks.
<dhess> angerman: anything obvious from those build logs? Anything you've seen before?
<michaelpj> dhess: I think I've seen something like those failures before sometimes when trying to re-build lib:ghc. I don't know why that would happen, though
<michaelpj> no idea what's going on with the cross/static failure
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