_0mp changed the topic of #freebsd-nix to: Adding Nix to FreeBSD ports | https://github.com/0mp/freebsd-ports-nix | https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/freebsd-nix
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<_0mp> georgew: oh, right, the /nix dir. I'll add an issue to the repo about it. Thanks!
<_0mp> also, if you encounter any intereting bugs and behaviors, please open an issue here https://github.com/0mp/freebsd-ports-nix/ for example :)
<georgew> _0mp: why does the port install multi-user nix? Wouldn't it be easier to get single user nix working first?
<georgew> I don't know if ports can have options, but could we have an option for a single user installation?
<georgew> Have you made any progress getting a nix GitHub project page thing? I imagine the first step is asking in the nix IRC channel
<_0mp> georgew: I've not done anything yet reagarding the project page
<_0mp> when it comes to single-user/multi-user: I really don't know. I wasn't thinking about it
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