_0mp changed the topic of #freebsd-nix to: Adding Nix to FreeBSD ports | https://github.com/0mp/freebsd-ports-nix | https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/freebsd-nix
<_0mp> georgew: I've not tested the daemon at all
<_0mp> I focused mostly on the tests
<_0mp> like, the test suite
<_0mp> pie_: https://github.com/0mp/freebsd-ports-nix/issues/4 I've created a ticket to remember about the kanban boards; I think it is a great idea
<georgew> _0mp: Ok, well it all seemed to successfully install, in any case. I think installation should create the /nix directory structure if possible, since that was missing when I tried running some commands
<georgew> Again, I know all of this doesn't work right now; I'm just trying to tell you what I experience :)
<georgew> I don't know much about single vs multi-user nix installations, but maybe single-user is easier to get going at first? Do you know?
<georgew> Regarding multi-user installations, I hope that one day we could make it so that there's a rc.conf entry nix="yes" or something to enable the daemon on boot
<georgew> I'm only a casual user of both nix and FreeBSD, so I don't really think I know enough to help at this stage, but we're using nix at work now so hopefully I'll pick up some skills and be able to help some day.
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