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<georgew> G'day FreeBSD Nix friends. Does anyone know if there's some central tracking location for "Nix on FreeBSD" as a project? There are a few scattered nixpkgs issues from the last five years that all seem outdated. I saw recently that nix the package manager got added to the ports tree recently, which is exciting progress, but what happens from here?
<georgew> I was thinking I would install CURRENT in a VM and play around with nix, making sure the port builds correctly and so on. (although I'm waiting on a new builds of CURRENT to land)
<georgew> but as has been mentioned, nixpkgs is not FreeBSD friendly, right? I think the next step might be starting to slowly add "if platform is freebsd then x" logic throughout nixpkgs, am I right?
<simpson> I don't think that there's a concrete support plan yet, but I gathered that the hope was that nixpkgs could support FreeBSD akin to existing Darwin support. https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/blob/master/rfcs/0046-platform-support-tiers.md
<simpson> To get up to Tier 4, where FreeBSD userland issues could impact how nixpkgs packages its core components, would be the immediate goal. Tier 3 would come as we gain the ability to run nixpkgs tests on FreeBSD.
<georgew> I'll read that document, thanks.
<georgew> Admittedly I don't know enough about FreeBSD or Nix to meaningfully contribute at this stage
<simpson> No worries. I don't know much of FreeBSD yet, but I'm hoping that this collaboration is fruitful.
<koobs> georgew: I dont think so, but a Nix page/section in the wiki would be cool, cc _0mp
<koobs> georgew: would certainly be useful for people to get a simple idea of how to play with it, and/or what things we're looking at in the future/roadmap for people to contribute to
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<_0mp> I consider this GitHub repo to be the central place of collaboration: https://github.com/0mp/freebsd-ports-nix
<_0mp> it would be nice to (1) add some roadmap there (2) link to all the existing PRs and issues
<pie_> maybe it _would_ be work making a project on nixpkgs
<pie_> or maybe ther was already one, not sure
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