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<pie_> nix-processmgmt: An experimental Nix-based process manager-agnostic framework
<pie_> It works with high-level deployment specifications that can universally target the following process managers: sysvinit, bsdrc, systemd, supervisord, cygrunsrv and launchd * Tested on the following operating systems: Linux, macOS, Cygwin and FreeBSD *
<pie_> though if this is what i remember iirc profpatsch didnt like it
<Mic92> I wonder how freebsd was tested actually?
<Mic92> Because I am not aware of working bsd support in nixpkgs
<qyliss> Could have been tested with an old Nixpkgs that worked on FreeBSD?
<Mic92> That was ages ago.
<pie_> maybe it didnt even use nixpkgs
<pie_> dunno :v
<_0mp> :D
<drakonis> ah, activity has returned huh
<drakonis> wonderful
<drakonis> these talks are good
<drakonis> using znc is ruining my ability to track time
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