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<IdleBot_a52e420f> People talk about importance of restrictions for true art. I have found out the hard way that not setting a stack size restriction in a container makes pkill fail
<qyliss> IdleBot_a52e420f: apologies for the 2 emails I just accidentally sent you
<qyliss> Was testing a script and forgot to dry-run
<IdleBot_a52e420f> I think I consider two Nix*-related emails a rounding error. You want to have commits mailing list?
<qyliss> No, I want to email myself every time somebody pushes straight to master
<qyliss> I don't think pushing straight to master is a bad thing at all, but I'd like to have an easy way to see just those commits.
<IdleBot_a52e420f> It is true that it is somewhat higher risk
<IdleBot_a52e420f> Arguably, subscribing to all GitHub PRs and direct push list gives a commit mailing list
<qyliss> lol if only
<qyliss> GitHub's notification mails are terrible
<IdleBot_a52e420f> Better than Discourse, I think.
<qyliss> They're each terrible in their own special ways
<qyliss> At least Discourse's are threaded
<IdleBot_a52e420f> Well, emails are. UI is halfway threaded…
<qyliss> Yeah
<IdleBot_a52e420f> Yet another IT going downhill example: Livejournal and its clones provide _user choice_ between flat and threaded view