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<IdleBot_51f8eb57> I wonder if there is a standalone X compositing manager that can also handle Wayland-protocol clients (but letting the WM handle the placement as usual)
<qyliss> Extremely not here from Chromium OS insisting on being built in a chroot
<hyperfekt> nice that they're getting into the game
<hyperfekt> though i wouldn't trust qemu with anything security critical
<qyliss> for any particular reason?
<qyliss> C?
<qyliss> I'm still sceptical of "micro" vms, anyway
<qyliss> The vast majority of boot time in your average VM is the kernel
<qyliss> Today's good news is that I have successfully configured a kernel to do compiled-in VIRTIO_BLK
<qyliss> Waiting for it to build
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> Reducing the footprint of a VM could still be a worthy goal; and minimalism also forces to drop unnecessary attack surfaces
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> And a BIOS supporting all the corner cases can also eat quite a bit of time during the initialisation
<qyliss> Got crosvm to boot a little further
<qyliss> Need to give it an init now
<Shell> qyliss: shiny!
<qyliss> Reached init when booting a squashfs :)
<multi> qyliss: just spawn a shell in a while loop in a script? :P
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> Spawn sinit with the startup script spawning a shell in a loop, obviously!
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> Having a proper zombie-reaper is valuable, you know
<qyliss> I shall use s6-linux-init
<qyliss> But yes, a reaper is smart, especially when we're running arbitrary prorgams in here
<qyliss> > suckless init is considered by many as the smallest possible init. I disagree: suckless init is incorrect, because it has no supervision capabilities, and thus, killing all processes but init can brick the machine. Nevertheless, suckless init, like many other suckless projects, is a neat exercise in minimalism.
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> Technically, suckless people probably assume init only has a formal obligation to bring the system up; keeping it up is optional
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> It would actually be nice to shutdown the VM if all the processes but init die!
<pie_> have init spawn a die
<pie_> and die if die dies
<pie_> minimal supervision *shrug emoji*
<pie_> i should not have engaged because im distracted and my mind is elsewhere
<qyliss> Correct, but that wouldn't be possible with sinit as I understand it.