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<veleiro> I'm having such a strange issue with nixus deployment
<veleiro> i have element-web in my packages
<veleiro> and 'nix-build deploy/default.nix' is a success and builds /nix/store/98arczr3mfladkcbxrzcxa9c4rprpf6g-element-web-1.7.14
<veleiro> ./result says its successful
<veleiro> but when i login to the server, /nix/store/98arczr3mfladkcbxrzcxa9c4rprpf6g-element-web-1.7.14 does not match the build machine's /nix/store/98arczr3mfladkcbxrzcxa9c4rprpf6g-element-web-1.7.14
<veleiro> as a matter of fact the deployed one is completely missing everything except one directory
<infinisil> veleiro: Not a nixus issue, but a Nix one in general. Underneath nixus just uses nix-copy-closure to copy paths over
<veleiro> so what do you think is happening?
<veleiro> i'm not familiar with nix-copy-closure
<infinisil> No idea, but better ask in #nixos :)
<veleiro> ok thanks
<veleiro> must've been an interrupted copy
<veleiro> bad connection here