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<bqv> infinisil: hello
<bqv> I pushed some fiddling I did to my fork
<bqv> github:bqv/nixus
<bqv> Execline, but also I got activation output piped back
<bqv> That may also interest cole-h
<bqv> who is not here...
<infinisil> bqv: Neat, I might check it out later :)
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<bqv> i'm wondering whether to try and maintain this as a fork, or to just absorb it into my flake
<bqv> i think it depends on what route you take
<bqv> if you go that generative route, it might be a lot better for me to migrate this to your system
<bqv> but otherwise, i actually much prefer this so far, so i'll probably just maintain it as a standalone thing in my flake
<bqv> i'm going to merge it with my stuff, for now. heh
<infinisil> bqv: Whatever works for you :)
<bqv> yeah, i've just built, activated and pushed it
<bqv> i'll probably keep vaguely close to whatever you get up to, because it's still got the mostly same api
<bqv> and i merged it, so you still get full credit (at the behest of being a "contributor" to my flake)
<infinisil> Open source <3