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<damjan> pie_ systemd-run can be run in interactive mode, and you just specify the directives from the unit with -p
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<arianvp> hmm
<arianvp> we have all this cimplicated logic for optional dependencies in the nix package
<arianvp> and it's kinda incomplete and buggy. and then all that logic is also in once again
<arianvp> e.g. I discovered that some parts in systemd depend on openssl to work; but we dont explicitly depend on it; so when I removed withImportd (which depends on libcurl which depends on openssl) a random other component (repart) got disabled
<arianvp> I wonder if we should have a bit more structured approach to this?
<andi-> idea: all invalid options should throw eval errors. All optional attributes that do not throw during eval must work -> add a huge matrix of systemd builds to verify?
<arianvp> andi-: I don't think it's a terrible idea
<andi-> Systemd builds relatively quickly and having a bunch of builds is probably fine for verification
<andi-> compared to several GHC versions it is still super cheap :D
<lukegb> Have a huge matrix of passthru.tests that builds a huge set of them?
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