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<aanderse> ohh nixos unstable will get the new credentials stuff from systemd already? 🎉
<aanderse> that will make my life better :D
<flokli> the current release doesn't have it yet
<makefu> aanderse: nixos is an early adopter for new cool systemd features :) poettering joined the discussion already a couple of times on github
<aanderse> makefu: yup, thanks to flokli
<flokli> on that note, gchristensen:
<flokli> <para>The credential files/IPC sockets must be accessible to the service manager, but don't have to
<flokli> be directly accessible to the unit's processes: the credential data is read and copied into separate,
<flokli> read-only copies for the unit that are accessible to appropriately privileged processes. This is
<flokli> particularly useful in combination with <varname>DynamicUser=</varname> as this way privileged data
<flokli> can be made available to processes running under a dynamic UID (i.e. not a previously known one)
<flokli> without having to open up access to all users.</para>
<flokli> meaning, we can still manage secrets in /run/secrets, but don't need to give DynamicUser=true processes access to the keys group
<flokli> (following-up on the discussion in #nixos earlier today)
<aanderse> this functionality solves problems for non dynamic user applications as well
<aanderse> like a debian web server which has a root only readable wildcard ssl certificate that httpd can read when started as root
<aanderse> or our acme module
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<flokli> yes :-)