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<qyliss> what if I told you that almost every hardeningDisable in Nixpkgs disables hardening features unnecessarily
<hexa-> I would believe you
<gchristensen> ^
<qyliss> :)
<qyliss> do we think a package building without the hardeningDisable is enough to justify removing it, or do I need to manually investigate all of these?
<hexa-> if hardening can be enabled without feature compromise *shrug*
<hexa-> i'm all for it
<qyliss> well the thing is, if I enable it en masse it's difficult to be sure everything is going to work at runtime
<hexa-> yep
<hexa-> maybe quickly after 21.05 is out? :p
<qyliss> hmm, that's a very long time away
<qyliss> we still have most of a normal release period until then
<supersandro2000> at least for darwin removing them results in some build failures. don't remember which packages though
<qyliss> I can filter out any that cause build failures, so I'm not worried about those
<hexa-> depends how long we want to get feedback on how much is broken really
<ajs124> qyliss: is #104091 related to what you're thinking of doing?
<{^_^}> (by TredwellGit, 12 weeks ago, open): treewide: enable security hardening flags
<qyliss> ajs124: no, I'm thinking of removing every instance of hardeningDisable that doesn't cause a build to fail
<qyliss> because hardeningDisables mostly seem to have been added years ago and since been fixed upstream
<ajs124> ah, that way around. Makes sense.
<Foxboron> PIE and RELRO on go binaries can trigger quite delicate race conditions at run-time which is hard to figure out during tests as -race doesn't actually work.
<Foxboron> (I have no clue how hardeningDisable works with the go stuff)
<qyliss> okay, in that case it sounds like I should investigate for each one why it was added
<qyliss> I'm fine with doing that, just going to take more time obviously
<Foxboron> I have had quite hairy runtime issues in the docker stack with pie/relro enabled on Arch. But they do a lot of *weird* stuff. Most tools outside of the OCI/container space works just fine.
<Foxboron> But apart from that I know Arch and Fedora runs a lot of hardening flags with extremely few cases where it compromises features.