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<asymmetric> hi, is it possible to be notified of CVEs affecting packages on nixos?
<supersandro2000> if they are written in the package it won't be build by default
<supersandro2000> in a field in the meta section
<asymmetric> supersandro2000: i'm not sure i understand
<asymmetric> i was thinking of something like
<asymmetric> a mailing list, or an rss feed one could subscribe to
<asymmetric> afaik it's not possible to subscribe to github labels
<supersandro2000> asymmetric: not that I know of
<supersandro2000> 406 if you try the common way to get atom feeds
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<bennofs> i think it would be good if NIxOS packages could be associated with CPEs. Then you could easily use the CPE query to watch CVEs that are tagged correctly at least
<hexa-> asymmetric: unfortunately we won't have security advisories
<hexa-> s/won't/don't/
<Foxboron> bennofs: That assumes the CVE data contains the data. They often dont'
<hexa-> ^ also this
<bennofs> that's why I said "if it is tagged correctly" :)
<bennofs> but you could at least XRef it with debian packages having the same CPE in that case
<bennofs> i feel like it would be beneficial to have a unique identifier to xref packages between distros, and CPE seems like it would work for that?
<Foxboron> CPE/SWID and other stuff. The OpenSSF vuln WG is looking at it. CPE is however are not really meant for this IIRC
<Foxboron> They identify products. Distros just repackage stuff
<bennofs> Foxboron: what do you mean by identifying products? Are distro packages not packaged products?
<bennofs> i know it won't be perfect but it'd be just a simple piece of metadata that could help for many cases?
<Foxboron> I don't know where you would attach this data?
<bennofs> meta.cpe?
<Foxboron> I'm speaking broadly :p I don't know nixos
<Foxboron> I had no clue Debian collected the data. Hm you could actually utilize that and repology to associate packages between distros
<bennofs> Foxboron: in nixos, package expression have a meta attribute which is used to collect simple key-value things like homepage and license
<bennofs> it'd be easy to add a cpe to it, given that people agree on doing it
<bennofs> I think repology also tries to associate cpes if they can
<Foxboron> Right, I was thinking about using CPEs between distros to identify between distros