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<ckauhaus> andi-: that's really old - and no idea why that slipped through
<ckauhaus> did you create a ticket?
<andi-> ckauhaus: nah, I was just curious because my tooling hasn't shown that before but now shows it dating back to the first channel bump that I checked... I was thinking about adding a "create ticket" button there and a check if something exists already.
<ckauhaus> ack
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<ckauhaus> another vulnerability roundup is in the works
<pie_> thanks \o/
<ckauhaus> :-)
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<andi-> probably something we should try to do for all the languages that we package..
<{^_^}> #58823 (by primeos, 6 days ago, open): [Draft] Ruby vulnerability roundup 001
<pie__> i had a horrible idea recently
<pie__> we should write specs and get people to adopt them, that give machine parseable infromation to downstreams
<pie__> and by downstream of course i actually mean nixpkgs :p
<andi-> why would that be horrible? What kind of information?
<andi-> I think there is already a lot of effort being put into machine readable (vulernability) data for most languages.
<gchristensen> awesome, one patch safer =)
<andi-> And on the plus side it is a logic error this time.. Nothing the usual debate about C vs Rust vs $Language would have avoided... Someone would probably have come up with a haskell type structure but then nobody but that guy would be writing code for the init system...
* andi- heads to bed..
<gchristensen> hindly-milner-init
<gchristensen> g'night, andi- :)