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<pie_> if anyone is interested
<{^_^}> #56975 (by deliciouslytyped, 3 hours ago, open): Cuckoo Sandbox module tracking issue (WIP)
<andi-> pie_: do I see that right: It requires python2.7?
<pie_> yes u_u
<andi-> in 2019 :/
<pie_> i think it said somewhere that they want to eventually migrate
<pie_> its an older project? >_>
<andi-> so they had plenty of time? :D
<pie_> look man idk security related tools and their damn python2.7! XD
<andi-> I know.. I have that argument regulary with some guys working on/with angr etc..
<pie_> though i think its easier to use bytestrings with py2.7 or something
<pie_> idk, there was some thing
<pie_> man if i actually make any progress on this i guess i will have some clue about packaging python on nix
<pie_> why the hell do i do this to myself
<andi-> Is that alreayd the complete list of dependencies?
<pie_> probably not
<pie_> or rather, at the least its not including transitive dependencies
<pie_> andi-, can I nag you about python stuff? (or should I rather try to figure out most of this myself)
<andi-> You can but I am currently trying not to work on any more projects :-) If you are stuck feel free to ping me
<pie_> andi-, well, ok maybe a little is fine to get started; if i have a nix file in the format of things in python-modules, is there some easy way i can test one with nix-shell?
<pie_> like some kinf of python callpackage? its not immediately obvious from this
<pie_> well...i guess i could just use normal callpackage and pass some parameters
<andi-> let me query you some details :-)
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