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<evanjs> suddenly wondering why I haven't added cargo-cache to nixpkgs yet... unless somebody knows of a better option. AFAIK there isn't a standard multi-project cargo cleaning tool, yet
<evanjs> this one, I think -- https://github.com/matthiaskrgr/cargo-cache
<evanjs> also.... we really need a cargoPackages x_x
<evanjs> I always hesitate between package-management and development/tools/rust, etc...
<evanjs> ah... might've been the tests....
<evanjs> bah https://pastebin.com/ADbzk5u7 -- any ideas?
<evanjs> I saw "// note: this may fail if CARGO_TARGET_DIR is set" but I only saw CARGO_HOME set
<evanjs> looks like it's complaining about source not being cargo-cache... like yeah, but I wonder if I should substitute "cargo-cache" with "source", or make it so the build directory is named "cargo-cache" instead of "source"
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