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<ekleog> hmm… how do I get `nix-shell --pure --run 'cargo build'` to work? looks like it's failing something with SSL when downloading crates, and `--keep SSL_CERT_FILE --keep SSL_CERT_PATH` doesn't help :/
<pie_> ekleog: have you tried adding cacert
<pie_> that seems to be one of the typical nix related ssl problems solvers
<ekleog> Looks like it works indeed! Thank you, had been a long time since I last had that issue :)
<pie_> \o/
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<ekleog> hmm… looks like in CI in a nix-shell --pure --run, cargo fmt -- --version uses a -stable, while locally in the same pure nix-shell it uses a -nightly? (I'm using the nixpkgs mozilla overlay)
<ekleog> nix-instantiate on the shell.nix is the same in the two cases
<ekleog> (one strace later) looks like github actions have a rustup-installed rustfmt, and when one is present cargo will prefer it to the one in path
<ekleog> In case people are interested about it: https://github.com/rust-lang/cargo/issues/8225
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