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<fmzakari> anyone have tips on getting rbenv + NIx to play nice ?
<fmzakari> i know it's not the Nix way -- but our development environment is geared too heavily on rbenv
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<manveru> fmzakari: not easily given that rbenv downloads binaries...
<manveru> you'd have to build the `~/.rbenv/versions` with nix maybe? but i've never used rbenv myself, so not sure if it'd need anything else
<fmzakari> i know it's kinda lame
<fmzakari> but our dev environment relies on it too much now
<fmzakari> im fine with it being managed outside nix for now
<fmzakari> but it sounds like a plugin for it would be cool that would integrate with nix
<fmzakari> so rather than using `ruby-build` it uses nix itself
<manveru> what exactly do you use from it?
<fmzakari> rbenv ?
<fmzakari> for development
<manveru> yeah, just wondering how you can rely on it that much... usually it's just a .ruby-version file and not much else :)
<fmzakari> yea
<fmzakari> so we rely on switching the versions a lot because of that file
<fmzakari> is there another way you recommend ?