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<samueldr> I'm having doubts what I want is achievable in a neat manner
<samueldr> adding a gem to the bundler env on a `bundlerApp` in an overlay
<samueldr> there I would assume I would have to "lock" the gem like in gemset.nix, in some ways, and its dependencies if it had any (though here it doesn't have any new dependency)
<manveru> samueldr: yeah... that's tricky
<manveru> `ruby.withPackages` can do it, but adding gems on the fly is not documented yet
<manveru> since it doesn't depend on bundler and doesn't care about lockfiles
<manveru> (at runtime anyway)
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<samueldr> yeah, couldn't figure out a contortion to do it
<samueldr> anyway, turns out I will need a custom ruby thing that uses the API of asciidoctor... otherwise I'm simply asking for trouble with other things I want to do
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<manveru> samueldr: working on the nixos docs?
<samueldr> nope
<samueldr> mobile-nixos docs
<manveru> :)
<samueldr> I'm building them up in a way that it won't exactly translate to nixos/nixpkgs/nix manual formats, so not entirely re-usable
<samueldr> though, maybe the experience will be valuable for the eternal debate around "it's not the format that *I* want"
<manveru> yeah, i really wouldn't mind having asciidoc
<manveru> never used it though, looked nice at first glance
<samueldr> trading xml tagsoup to random special characters soup, mostly
<samueldr> though at least it still is mostly structured
<samueldr> and the asciidoctor API stuff, while uh... not trivially documented, seems to allow some nice stuff
<manveru> seems a bit saner than markdown at least, and much more readable than our xml soup
<samueldr> more readable, that's a given
<samueldr> more writeable? not sure
<samueldr> though, I think it's also expected that, with both formats, it's going to be converted before consumption
<manveru> sure