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<eyJhb> It's so much easier to live alone. Then I can always update the router. :(
<andi-> lol
<andi-> you just need redundancy!
<eyJhb> True! I had a 15 minute window where I could deploy my router. But the new settings option in unbound screwed me over :(((((
<eyJhb> So I didn't fix it in ti me
<eyJhb> s/ti me/time/
<andi-> welcome to the club.
<andi-> Previously it was somehow harder to screw up...
<andi-> now we have all the freedom to do silly mistakes by accident.
<eyJhb> Yeah, it annoys be that it does not conform to some standard like networkd does.
<eyJhb> Ie. I had "interfaces" instead of "interface".
<eyJhb> And my "local-data" entries with at the bottom of the file, which I guess for some reason would include them in the "server" block. But now they would be at the top (I know, that is a stupid mistake). :p
<andi-> networkd and standard?
<andi-> it only works because we made it work
<eyJhb> It would be nice if the little trick you use for nftables (run a check in a virtual machine), was done on unbound config
<betawaffle> i could update my router while everyone sleeps, but i do it during the day anyway
<eyJhb> I know, but it would be nice to have for unbound as well :p
<eyJhb> betawaffle++ that's the only time to do it
<andi-> sure go ahead :P
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<eyJhb> andi- Will you do my miniprojects then? :D
<eyJhb> A lot of Markov processes..
<andi-> I think I tried config validation during the build but unbound would then check if the state dir etc.. exists
<andi-> I am busy "learning" flakes, sorry :P
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<eyJhb> andi-: Noooooooooooooooooooo
<eyJhb> Why would you?
<andi-> To see what I am not missing out.
<eyJhb> Are you missing out on anything?
<andi-> Nah, I prefer the old Nix errors, the flake commands I know are already deprecated. I rather wait another 2y+ or so before seriously considering this.
<eyJhb> ^ come back to us
<eyJhb> Once it actually becomes a part of Nix it might be nice :) For now it just seems annoying to me, and splits the community up
<andi-> All I've to say on the topic has been said ;-)
<betawaffle> I’ve used flakes, but I’m not in love with them yet.
<cransom> re: "I rather wait another 2y+ or so before seriously". amen.
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