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<eyJhb> What did you guys use before using NixOS as your router?
<gchristensen> an asus thing
<eyJhb> gchristensen: doesn't sound that nice :p
<gchristensen> :)
<gchristensen> tbh I switched to a nixos router because I moved in to a new place and needed to leave my old one at home, but already had my server moved over, which had a wifi card
<eyJhb> gchristensen: so your router is router+wifi?
<gchristensen> it was at the time
<eyJhb> Not anymore?
<gchristensen> it didn't reach my whole home very well because of the chicken wire in the walls
<eyJhb> Btw. gchristensen is your setup public?
<gchristensen> so I ended up having to go with a thing with a bunch of wifi access points
<eyJhb> lord-nibbler.. :p Futurama?
<gchristensen> yepu
<gchristensen> (go one dir up..)
<eyJhb> Ah :p ;)
<THFKA4> eyjhb: still using an APU2 with OpenWRT
<cransom> before nixos... hrm. maybe it was ubuntu? and before that, freebsd.
<cransom> i think the ubuntu would have beeen a very short stretch.
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<andi-> fli4l for a few years when dial-up/ISDN was a thing here. Debian since about 2003-ish.