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<cransom> hrm. i connect my workstation directly to my file server (because, 10gig). every time it sleeps, the link goes down and doesn't come back up until i up/down the interface (uses the atlantic driver) on the file server.
<gchristensen> ehh weird
* cransom plays around with autonegotiation before resorting to watching kernel logs to bounce the interface when it goes down
<cransom> if i go read the very fine print, 'due to a known kernel issue, GRO and LOR must be burned off when routing/bridging'.
<cransom> and after a couple sleep cycles, that seems to be it.
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<Shados> cransom: You don't need to watch kernel logs. Use something that listens to netlink events. `ip monitor` may be sufficient, depending on your needs.
<Shados> This has reminded me that there's an item on my todo which basically boils down to "write tiny netlink watcher that shits out json messages on events"...