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<clefru> is anyone using nixos as a wifi AP?
<gchristensen> I did in the past, with hostapd
<clefru> hostapd works for me but only on 2GHZ frequencies. 5GHZ fails for radar detection reasons on ath10k hardware
<gchristensen> yeah
<clefru> not ideal as 2ghz is pretty crowded where I am
<gchristensen> 5ghz is why I bought an actual AP
<clefru> I'd prefer to update everything to nixos, as I don't want to take care of my openwrt hardware
<clefru> granted, I am probably over-engineering things, as openwrt updates are dead simple
<makefu> clefru: maybe you could create the openwrt configuration ( /etc/config ) via nixos
<clefru> makefu: I was more focusing on the actually binary push. the openwrt configuration retention mechanism is mostly ok
<makefu> clefru: if you ever find a way to declaratively build docker images, that would be nice. tbh, the openwrt builder is a huge mess
<makefu> s/docker/openwrt/
<clefru> I have no strong opinion about it either way. I only once rebuild udhcpd6 to patch out a dhcpv6 bug from my ISP
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