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<vdemeester> @Mic92 <- troubles on the NUR builds ?
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<Mic92> vdemeester: I guess I just disable the broken IRC module.
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<kreisys> Has anyone else been having issues with cachix since around yesterday?
<kreisys> all my travis jobs started erroring out due to some missing key (isPublic)
<vdemeester> (it fails on my repository :| )
<Mic92> vdemeester: yeah, but this is not the main issue
<vdemeester> ok it comes from something in my repository then I guess ?
<vdemeester> (hum.. my build failed too on unstable.. interesting)
<kreisys> Nobody's been seeing these errors: ?
<kreisys> cachix users that is
<Mic92> vdemeester: I think your repo is fine even.
<vdemeester> `runc` doesn't build on mine, with unstable.. but it's easily fixable
<vdemeester> kreisys: nope, never had this one
<Mic92> vdemeester: well, this is not what NUR checks though. Thanks for fixing anyways
<vdemeester> :)
<Mic92> kreisys: you can report this to the cachix github account.
<kreisys> Yeah I'm just curious if I can find any other instances of this happening. It makes a stronger case.
<Mic92> is the the cachix client out-of-sync with cachix?
<Mic92> It seems like something broke the API.
<kreisys> Could be. My travis jobs follow master tho
<Mic92> kreisys: it is bad though, that it looks your cookie into travis.
<Mic92> *logs
<Mic92> one could use this session to overtake your account.
<kreisys> wait isn't that just the public key?
<kreisys> OH
<Mic92> I mean Set-Cookie","__cfduid=dac67e74347113ba63811c86c85abd4701551751042;
<kreisys> ugh
<kreisys> this is the github oauth token?
<Mic92> I don't think so. It is probably cachix related but still
<kreisys> yeah absolutely but now I don't know if I want to publicize that... maybe I should pm domenkozar first
<kreisys> I'm not sure how to reset that
<Mic92> ok. the cookie might be harmless as it seems to be related to cloudflare
<Mic92> I told it domen anyway.
<kreisys> oh kk thx
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<vdemeester> thx for the quick fix Mic92
<Dearauba> Hello, we are computer science students and we have a project on Nix expressions. We would like to add our repository to the NUR. But when we try to push the repos.json file we don't have the permissions. Could you help us please. Best regards.
<Mic92> Dearauba: do a pull request instead
<Mic92> First fork the NUR repository then add your repository to repos.json
<kreisys> Is Travis the only CI service that provides free darwin builds?
<Dearauba> Ok, thank you for you fast reply. We have created the pull request. We are waiting for the approbation. :)
<Mic92> I think so
<Dearauba> Our pull request have failed, how can we test before to put it on NUR ?
<Mic92> Is INFO4-19 your room number?
<Dearauba> yes it is !
<Mic92> Dearauba: You need to make either your gitlab repository public or put it on a different hoster.
<Mic92> I fixed the newline that make the validation fail.
<Dearauba> We have put or repository in public. Thanks for the validation.
<Mic92> Dearauba: can you give a URL, when I can browse the repository?
<Mic92> I can still not open it.
<Mic92> e.g. what is the clone URL?
<Dearauba> It's on a gitlab branch, do we have to put it on the master ?
<Mic92> Dearauba: this is also an issue, we have no support yet for non-master branches.
<Mic92> but there is also no `code` repo in here:
<Dearauba> Have you see it now ?
<Dearauba> *Do you
<Mic92> Qui
<Mic92> just change the url to now to make it work
<Mic92> Dearauba: if you put your expressions in a subdirectory, you also need to specify that in repos.json:
<Mic92> But it might be easier to just move it everything one level up.
<Dearauba> Thank you for all.
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