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<Izorkin> How to update package with error build cachix ? - - error: build of '/nix/store/swcp6rlp49pvcrfgda3lp368j7afyfdn-cachix-0.1.3.drv' failed
<Izorkin> change to - if [ -n "${CACHIX_CACHE}" ]; then nix-env -iA cachix -f; fi - worked
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<Izorkin> Mic92: nur-packages not updated? please check
<tilpner> Izorkin: Did you trigger a rebuild?
<Izorkin> tilpner: yes, running curl -XPOST\?repo\=izorkin
<tilpner> One of them is still running
<Izorkin> \terminated by timeout
<tilpner> Yeah, this one might timeout too. That's annoying
<Mic92> Izorkin: dtz's repository evaluates forever
<tilpner> I added travis_wait in a PR. Let's see if that evals
<dtz> Oh no, what did I break :(
<tilpner> (I'm not that familiar with Travis. Random PRs aren't executed with access to the same credentials master CI is ran with, right?)
<Mic92> tilpner: It also takes very long locally
<Mic92> I don't think this is supposed to be this way
<dtz> Is this a new problem?
<Mic92> Probably since a 1-2 days?
<tilpner> Mic92: Yeah, might be a good idea to kill evals after some configurable limit. And I guess that would produce output, so travis_wait isn't neede
<tilpner> ...d
<tilpner> (Can you answer the other question?)
<Mic92> tilpner: what was the other one?
<tilpner> Oh, nevermind
<tilpner> "Encrypted environment variables have been removed for security reasons."
<dtz> okay i'll look into it, sorry about that! some of it will certainly timeout if you try to BUILD butlol eval yikes
<Mic92> I will add an upper limit on the evaluation time
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<Izorkin> how to fix build cachix?
<Mic92> Izorkin: you can report to
<Izorkin> cachix used package haskellPackages.insert-ordered-containers
<{^_^}> #53067 (by Izorkin, 3 days ago, open): haskel: error build package insert-ordered-containers and uri-bytestring
<Mic92> added a timeout to evaluation in the meantime:
<{^_^}> NUR#105 (by Mic92, 2 minutes ago, merged): NUR: add timeout for repository evaluation
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<Izorkin> thanks
<Izorkin> If add nur.packages to /mtt/etc/nixos/configuration.nix and running nixos-install --root /mnt from LiveCD - error build
<Izorkin> building the configuration in /mnt/etc/nixos/configuration.nix...
<Izorkin> nix: src/libexpr/ void nix::EvalState::realiseContext(const PathSet&): Assertion `store->isStorePath(ctx)' failed.
<Izorkin> error /run/current-system/sw/bin/nixos-install: line 99: 1530 Aborted nix build --out-link "$outLink" --store "$mountPoint" "${extraBuildFlags[@]}" --extra-substituters "$sub" -f '<nixpkgs/nixos>' system -I "nixos-config=$NIXOS_CONFIG"
<Mic92> Izorkin: mhm. a tricky one
<Mic92> Izorkin: if you would import, does it work?
<Mic92> Izorkin: maybe also import from a file instead of using fetchTarball
<Mic92> maybe the chroot parameter breaks something in nix
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<Izorkin> Mic92: worked with nur = import /root/NUR { inherit pkgs; };
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<dtz> is the 'nur' tool something I should be using, perhaps to reproduce eval regression?
<Izorkin> Mic92: need create issue to nix ?
<dtz> does it happen with latest nix? (2.1.3 vs 2.0.4?)
<Mic92> dtz: ./bin/nur update you can use
<dtz> fixes eval "timeout" problem for me, FWIW :)
<{^_^}> NUR#106 (by dtzWill, 13 minutes ago, open): nur/update: drop eval output instead of filling pipe
<dtz> when debugging via bin/nur, added some '-vvvv' to the nix-env invocation and observed it went quick and then just... stopped. hehe
<Mic92> dtz: merged
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<dtz> \o/ \o/