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<superherointj> I am trying to use K3s in NixOS but I am having a hard time. It fails `k3s check-config` with 3 errors: "k3s check-config | grep fail /n- CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER: missing (fail) /n- CONFIG_NF_NAT_IPV4: missing (fail) /n- CONFIG_NF_NAT_NEEDED: missing (fail) /n STATUS: 3 (fail)"
<superherointj> I wonder what I am missing to fix: "CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER"
<q3k|m> all of these look like unset kernel options, right
<q3k|m> if you're willing to rebuild your kernel, you can do that: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Linux_kernel#Custom_configuration
<superherointj> Thanks for answering. I'm not really sure if it is kernel options.
<superherointj> (I just don't know.)
<q3k|m> well these definitely are kernel options
<superherointj> Right.
<q3k|m> just not sure if rebuilding the kernel to flip 'em is what you necessarily want to do here
<q3k|m> vs, dunno, ignoring it complaining about these (maybe they're not strictly necessary) or somewhat reconfiguring k3s to not require them
<superherointj> I am considering not using k3s anymore and go for usual kubernetes.
<superherointj> *going
<superherointj> I am using RockPro64 as hardware. A bit limited. 4GB ram.
<q3k|m> i mean, unless you're well versed in deploying k8s, then flipping these options will be significantly less effort than switching to full k8s
<q3k|m> flip the flags then IMO. the build is gonna take a while on that box, but i still think it's less effort than running k8s
<q3k|m> also good point, i should also try k3s on my rockpro
<superherointj> I am in uncharted territory both ways.
<superherointj> Oh cool.
<q3k|m> my spidey tenses tell me the kernel option flip way is slightly more likely to succeed faster
<q3k|m> but i won't insist
<q3k|m> s,tenses,senses,
<superherointj> Allright. Thanks. I'll give it a try. (or at least attempt)
<q3k|m> do report back, I'm genuinely curious about how this goes
<superherointj> Sure.
<q3k|m> superherointj: i'm also now compiling linux on my pine64 for unrelated reasons :P
<superherointj> cool. I've got a lot to learn.
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