<hexa-> so, my mom complains about the search in nautilus not finding things
<hexa-> I'm not a gnome user, so I'm not that well versed in the componentes involved
<hexa-> basically there is a nested directory structre /foo/bar and a file /foo/bar/baz.tada
<hexa-> and when searching (F3) in /foo/ it won't find it, but it will when in /foo/bar
<hexa-> mind you, the latter is probably just a filter, while the former is actual search
<hexa-> this happens on an nfs mount
<hexa-> ok, so the nfs mount is not indexed and I can't find any gui config or config schema for tracker
<worldofpeace> hmm, I think maybe it could be an upstream bug?
<worldofpeace> though, there has been and I think is some issues with these mounts reported on nixos, maybe not this exact one
<worldofpeace> yeah I don't think I see anything in our tracker. for what it's worth, if you can find a way to reproduce it and make a bug report to nautilus, this would be the way to go.
<hexa-> what is? the missing schema?
<hexa-> > How do I configure what directories Tracker is indexing?
<hexa-> > See Settings → Search → ⚙. There you can choose what directories are watched (monitored for changes) and indexed.
<hexa-> can anybody see that cogwheel?
<worldofpeace> oh lol, I misunderstood the premise
<worldofpeace> hmm
<worldofpeace> just went into a fedora vm and in nixos "search locations" isn't selectable
<worldofpeace> currently testing a fix
<worldofpeace> patch for unstable https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/114002
<hexa-> yep, same here
<hexa-> worldofpeace: applied to 20.09, the dialog is now selectable
<hexa-> the locations on the nfs share were already part of the bookmarks
<hexa-> sadly they're still not part of the search database
<worldofpeace> hexa-: yeah, in that case I'm lost on the issue. u said it would be able to search in /foo/bar, so it could even be how nautilus tries to index (or not) remote filesystems. I'm not that familiar with the nautilus codebase.
<hexa-> thx for looking into this and getting us this far!
<worldofpeace> yep ❤️
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