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<bqv> adisbladis: would you consider building pgtk and pgtkgcc on the hydra too?
<bqv> adisbladis: also in case you missed my ping yesterday, auctex build is broken because the src url is dead
<bqv> { .tar -> .tar.lz } fixes it
<bqv> eD6niRm+3j21WH2kua9aEB42CghGZrZEYyVP5dpz1mw=
<aterius> The other consideration is mac, I had an overlay separate from emacs-overlay that was building pgtk + gccemacs for linux and gccemacs for macos, I may undeprecate the build github actions and just use emacs-overlay, but push to my own cachix for others to use like I was doing before
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<bqv> In fairness, its likely at least gcc will be merged soon enough, so this extreme situation won't last forever
<adisbladis> bqv: Is there a semi-official upstream for pgtk yet?
<adisbladis> Last I checked there were 2 separate repos
<bqv> adisbladis: literally in the next day or so
<bqv> It's in the works, but masm11 is the "official" pgtk repo for now
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<adisbladis> bqv: And who is maintaining a pgtkgcc branch?
<adisbladis> I still think the pgtk situation is a bit too unclear
<adisbladis> Preferably any emacs derivation we add is from some upstream supported branch
<bqv> adisbladis: fejfighter and/or the other one you have in the overlay currently
<bqv> But, idk, up to you. Its already in the overlay and folks are using it, and cole is removing it from his cause of that
<adisbladis> Oh, I didn't know talyz already merged t
<adisbladis> it
<adisbladis> I wouldn't have, but whetever. It is what it is now.
<adisbladis> bqv: Then make a PR adding it to the jobsets
<talyz> adisbladis: sorry, I didn't know you were against it
<talyz> bqv: the masm11 repo has a notice at the bottom about fejfighter's fork being the one they're trying to push upstream
<bqv> talyz: true tbh, but dev happens on masm's repo at least, until he pushes it to savannah
<bqv> adisbladis: if nobody else beats me to it, will do sometime
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<bqv> #83
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/83 (by apeyroux, 8 years ago, closed): [spotify] spotify-client_0.8.3.278.g21c7566.632-1_amd64.deb not found
<bqv> No, silly bot
<bqv> emacs-overlay#83
<bqv> Hm, seems elpa hasn't updated since september
<bqv> Which is why auctex fails
<bqv> Heh
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