<aterius> Oh no worries, I just resolved my issue with building p11-kit, so it took me awhile to test :) Thanks for working on this!
<antifuchs> I'm this >< close to finding out why invocation-directory is set incorrectly, which should unblock running emacs from a non-wrapped binary, as well!
<antifuchs> (spoiler, we have two code paths calling different functions that set global variables, this time it's exec-path that gets mis-set)
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<antifuchs> ok, phewww! Pushed a change that ought to do the -B backend path-setting right too
<antifuchs> on darwin, this whole thing kinda requires a change to correctly find the invocation-directory, still (otherwise you have to run emacs with an absolute path)... but working with the gccemacs maintainer to get that mainlined too
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<antifuchs> > Merged #94637 into staging.
<antifuchs> YESSSS ahaha yayy
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'Merged' at (string):321:1
<adisbladis> <3 antifuchs
<{^_^}> antifuchs's karma got increased to 1
<aterius> Congrats! Can't wait for it to cycle into nixpkgs
<aterius> adisbladis: This also closes https://github.com/nix-community/emacs-overlay/issues/33
<{^_^}> nix-community/emacs-overlay#33 (by akirakyle, 12 weeks ago, open): emacsGcc deffered compliation fails
<antifuchs> \o/
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<antifuchs> oh oof, now I understand how the macos self-contained build is supposed to work
<antifuchs> well that's never going to work with native compilation, the way it does relocation rn ):
<antifuchs> basically, the self-contained build sets the destination dirs to be the bundle's Resources dir. Then `make install` puts everything in there (where all relative paths make sense)... but in nix, we disable self-contained building, and things go into the store; now you have a (theoretically) movable bundle, and files in a fixed location, but the bundle has all these relative paths in it
<antifuchs> so, I guess the way we get a working self-contained app bundle is by building one specifically. hm!