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<hexa-> i'm having trouble with the logviewer "going green" on me all the time
<hexa-> not with firefox and most allowances, nor with a plain chromium
<hexa-> is that a known issue?
<hexa-> https://logs.nix.ci/?key=nixos/nixpkgs.112446&attempt_id=925879bb-3808-44f2-ac8f-30a3e4fbe634
<hexa-> Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://events.nix.ci:15671/ws.
<hexa-> syn, syn, syn. no ack. that's not how tcp works.
<hexa-> problem on your end.
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<gchristensen> hmmmmmmm
<gchristensen> :x I am imagining maybe I just never set up the logviewer webstomp stuff when we migrated :/
<gchristensen> sorry, hexa- ... I'll look in the morning :) bed time here.
<cole-h> hexa-++ Been noticing the same thing and meaning to ask about it... :P
<{^_^}> hexa-'s karma got increased to 0b10101
<hexa-> no biggie, its been like that for a while :D
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<hexa-> syn, syn, syn :D
<gchristensen> life turned upside down this morning
<hexa-> no worries
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