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<ekleog> gchristensen: which version of carnix are you running? I'm trying to `carnix generate-nix` in `ofborg/` and am getting nothing but “stream did not contain valid UTF-8” (disclaimer: this is not actually trying to work on ofborg but trying to get carnix to work on my own software and not finding any documentation about carnix except the way ofborg does things)
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> I use `carnix generate-nix --src .`
<gchristensen> and it is whatever carnix is in 19.03
<ekleog> Huh? I'm in ofborg/, I do `carnix generate-nix --src .`, and I get “stream did not contain valid UTF-8”
<ekleog> (on 19.03, so with carnix 0.9.8)
<gchristensen> uhh
<gchristensen> maybe carnix created some empty .nix files that you should delete
<ekleog> hmm it did create an empty Cargo.nix, but deleting it still gives the same result: an empty Cargo.nix
<ekleog> welp, just going to give up for now and come back to carnix next year, like last time, I guess :)
<ekleog> thank you anyway!
<gchristensen> ekleog: I mean, I use it for several projects now...
<gchristensen> target/lorri, grahamc/docbook-index, among others
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