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<andi-> gchristensen: what's the easiest way to subscribe to new PRs/Pushes to PRs? (especially if my side of things isn't up and/or stable yet)
<gchristensen> for broken.sh?
<andi-> Yes
<andi-> I would like to start prototyping analyzing all the PRs some time in the next weeks
<gchristensen> how do you want to use the data?
<andi-> Use the base branch Rev and the PR Rev to compare the results of both.. I am not set on a delivery method. Could do HTTP but also rabbitmq or whatever else there might be
<gchristensen> yeah but then like leave a comment on the PR, or just for intake, or make a dashboard on broken.sh?
<andi-> For now just intake. Eventually with some feedback to the PR
<andi-> But that will be a few months before that is done
<gchristensen> ok, cool
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