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<madonius[m]> Hi
<madonius[m]> currently I am trying to setup a separate deployment
<madonius[m]> but unfortunately it tries to build all configurations that exist in the folder
<madonius[m]> this ofcourse does not work since in my other deployment the machines reference each other but those references are not defined in the context of my new deployment
<madonius[m]> any ideas?
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<cab404[m]> is... is nixops dead?
<cab404[m]> <aleph- "Hmm, is there a guide for using ">
<cab404[m]> adisbladis: are there any active maintainers left?
<cab404[m]> or everyone just left for a vacation?)
<Church-> cab404[m]: Nifty, thanks.
<Church-> Do I need to pass a flag when I generate the initial deployment given I'm using flakes?
<Church-> And for further deployments anything different then just `nixops deploy -d NETWORK`
<cab404[m]> i redeploy it without --flake flag, if you mean that
<Church-> Cool. So --flake is needed for initial creation then yah?
<cab404[m]> <Church- "Cool. So --flake is needed for i"> yup
<Church-> Neat, thanks
<madonius[m]> nevermind found it, one has to enter the correct configuration.nix in order for things to work properly…