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<glowpelt> allgreed: Looks like that file was moved to `nixos/lib/make-options-doc/options-to-docbook.xsl` in nixpkgs 5cfd034af0afe55e4d25748ec986c71b3bfbe3dd, and release-1.7 has probably been broken since then.
<glowpelt> (Aug 8)
<glowpelt> I suspect replacing the path in doc/manual/default.nix, line 23, and postprocess-option-descriptions.xsl on line 25, similarly to the same directory, may fix this, but I've not tried.
<glowpelt> (My guesses as to all of that, but hopefully it helps)
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<allgreed> glowpelt: thank you kindly, this got me going (I've tried to build the latest nixops before, but DO is not supported yet in 2.0) - I've also encountered a problem with line 405 in nix/gce.nix (simillar thing with Azure), but I've just commented it out [for now at least]
<allgreed> ok, few more linting errors and I've managed to build an executable (proabably broke azure and gce in the process), will test it and sub a PR if it works ;)
<allgreed> Yup, works like a charm - thank you once again and here's the PR: https://github.com/NixOS/nixops/pull/1401
<{^_^}> nixops#1401 (by allgreed, 8 minutes ago, open): Fix legacy 1.7 build [with potential downsides]
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