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<AdrianW> Hey everyone I'm new to nix* and I'm trying to run a deploy a VM using nixops and libvirtd. I think I'm running into this issue
<{^_^}> nixops#1216 (by d4g, 24 weeks ago, open): [libvirtd] Unable to deploy to libvirtd - "error: cannot figure out user name"
<AdrianW> The workaround in the comments is not working for me, any help would be much appreciated ^^
<AdrianW> Here is what I'm trying, for reference: https://github.com/AdrianWennberg/nixTest
<b42> AdrianW: you need to use the overlay on the machine you're running nixops from, not in the one you're deploying
<AdrianW> Ah, okay. Would you mind telling me how to achieve that?
<AdrianW> I'm running on an Ubuntu host with nixos and nixops installed.
<b42> got no experience w/ Nix outside NixOS but if i understand https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Overlays#On_the_user_level correctly you write [ (import ./overlay/nixops.nix) ] to ~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays.nix
<b42> you probably need to re-install nixops afterwards
<AdrianW> ah, okay. Thanks!
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